Submit your application

You will be asked to attach the following documents to your application:
– Transcript of records (stamped and signed by your university & certified by authorities)
– IPU enrolment form
– Passport copy (certified by authorities)
– Passport-sized photograph
NZQA approved Official international English test scores 

2-3 days later

Receive initial acceptance letter

If you fulfil all requirements, you should receive an initial acceptance letter from within 2-3 days. In case some required documents are still missing or are not certified, you still need to submit them before you can receive the Offer of Place.

a couple days later

You receive the invoice for the application fee

The application fee is due one week after it was issued.

About 2 weeks later

Receive Offer of Place (Unconditional acceptance letter)

Roundabout 2 weeks after you submitted all required and certified documents you will receive the Offer of Place.

Shortly after

You receive the tuition fee invoice

Shortly after receiving the Offer of Place you will receive the tuition fee invoice. The tuition fee is due 3 months before the semester starts. You can find the exact due date in the invoice.

2 weeks before semester ends

You should submit doc request form & refund form to IPU

in order to receive your Transcript of Records and get the security deposit of your accommodation back.