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Why study in New Zealand?

There are many reasons to study in New Zealand apart from its world class education system, beautiful nature and improving your English language skills. 

Why study at IPU?

IPU hosts students from more than 28 different countries. They have many years of experience in educating students from around the world. 

Roys Peak
in New Zealand
Kepler Track
in New Zealand
Emerald Lakes
at Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand
Southern Lights
somewhere in New Zealand
Glow-Worm Cave
in Waitomo, New Zealand

Application period for semester 1 ends in


Application period for semester 2 ends in


Semester Dates

Semester 1:  14.04.2020 – 31.07.2020

Semester 2:  24.08.2020 – 11.12.2020

Summer Term: January – March 2021

Tuition Fees

One semester: 2.290 EUR

Summer Term: 2.090 EUR

Application Fee: 75 EUR


Business Studies
Tourism and Travel Studies
International Business Studies
International Environmental Studies
International Relations
Japanese Language
Chinese Language

The University

Name: Institute of the Pacific United (IPU)

Location: Palmerston North, New Zealand

Established: 1990

Accreditation: New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)


Why study at IPU New Zealand?

Super easy application process

We provide the easiest application process. Just submit the application form and wait for your acceptance letter.

Price value ratio

IPU has the lowest study fee of all universities in New Zealand. You save more than 50% on study fees but you get the same quality education as other students that study in New Zealand.

Cost of living

Palmerston North has a lower cost of living compared to Wellington or Auckland for example.


Due to the good infrastructure (airport, bus, train), you can get to Wellington an Auckland very quickly

International atmosphere

IPU has hosted international students for many years. They currently host students of 28 different nationalities.

What others say about IPU

Amporn Puapradit
Amporn PuapraditAssociate Dean for Academic Affairs, Rangsit University (partner of IPU New Zealand and Asia Exchange)
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People here and at this school are very friendly, supportive and nice including the executive team, teachers and students. The university is not that big but have all facilities needed including small class rooms, fan-shaped library, quality dormitory and a super market nearby. Logistics is great as the local bus offers the service from the school to the down town and vice versa which is very convenient. In terms of academic, as it is a small class so no gap between teachers and students and make the class interesting. North Palmerston is quite quiet, natural and good for study but students can travel to other places from the North to the South Island. Everywhere is beautiful and full with many flocks of cute sheep.
Olivia Mazuki
Olivia Mazuki
former Student at IP New Zealand
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Meeting new people from all around the world was easily the highlight of my time at IPU New Zealand. It was surreal that so many nationalities get together in such a pristine little campus like IPU. I truly enjoyed the colourful cultural experiences there, especially the Ohanami Festival every September. It’s nice to know that a lot of the countries that I go to, I know some IPU friends living there! The experience taught me self-confidence, independence, resourcefulness, a multi-cultural approach to things, global perspectives, and the ability to express myself better… It was one of the greatest milestones of my life and made up a big chunk of my life experience. It really shaped who I am today.

Study at IPU in New Zealand

IPU offers the most affordable study abroad program for international students. Sign up here to save more than 50% on tuition fees.